35 Super Easy Ways To Save Money

Don’t we all want to save money and still enjoy the perks of being alive? For most of us, money saving is a mystery we just cannot solve without giving up on our usual pleasures. In this post, we will discuss certain ways in which you can save money and also live your life just the way you want. You wouldn’t believe how much you were losing for no reason at all! Let us get started with the list.

  1. Use online payment services that offer cash back – there are many online payment services available which offer cash back on transactions. Use them to your advantage and save a lot of money.
  2. Use budget tracking tools – there are many free tools to track budget that you can use in your daily life. They make it effortless for you to keep track of your expenditures, earnings, and more.
  3. Invest in a slower internet connection – if the speed of your current internet connection is satisfactory and fast enough, you would be surprised to know that you might not be using it to its full capacity! It is a good option to switch to a slower connection which will help you save money without experiencing any negative effects.
  4. Keep following up on rebates – if you have purchased a product with rebate, make it a point to send in a form on that exact day and follow up on the rebate company if they don’t send you your check in time.
  5. Use Amazon to purchase cell phone – Amazon is a great way to save money and you can purchase a great cell phone at a very affordable price from there.
  6. Go for a refurbished Apple product – Apple products are a dream come true for many of us but we just can’t afford the luxury. Or can we? Get a refurbished Mac, iPhone, or even iPad and save lots of money.
  7. Request for reduction in interest rates of various services – sometimes, banks and credit card companies are ready to drop interest rates on various services. Request them to offer you a reduction and convince them by showing examples of companies that have lower rates. You could also switch to 0 per cent credit cards, for instance, to save money.
  8. Use a gas water heater – a gas water heater is much more affordable and much more efficient. Switch to a gas water heater for a long term advantage.
  9. Don’t use Private Mortgage Insurance – Private Mortgage Insurance can be very costly so when you have a 20 per cent cushion through debt reduction, ask your mortgage company to get rid of Private Mortgage Insurance.
  10. Use Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs – CFL bulbs are eco friendly and can save a lot of money. Replace the incandescent bulbs in your house to make it more environment friendly and save on your electricity bills.
  11. Get books from library – they are free! All you need is a cheap membership.
  12. Get DVD’s from Red Box – Red Box lends DVD’s at as less as 1 dollar a day. Check them out!
  13. Read magazines online – Read magazines online for free or look for them in a library.
  14. Subscribe to must read magazines – if you like a certain magazine very much, instead of buying a separate one each month, get a subscription. You will save money and read your favorite content regularly.
  15. Request a discount on trash services – the business of trash collection is very competitive which is why you can always ask for a discount.
  16. Pay up your credit card bill in time – don’t let interest accumulate and pay your bill in time. Also, do not spend more than you can pay later. If you have 2-3 credit cards maxed out and you have a structured settlement or an annuity, you can sell all or a portion of it to help reduce your financial stress.
  17. Use 0 per cent credit card offers – 0 per cent credit card offers can help you save thousands of dollars if you are careful.
  18. Buy term life insurance – it does its job well and you wouldn’t need anything else.
  19. Pay life insurance annually – pay once every year to save money.
  20. Submit an insurance claim only after learning about its effects on your premium – if submitting an insurance claim affects your premium adversely, it is not worth it.
  21. Replace land line with a VOIP service – land lines have become more or less useless and are pricey. VOIP services are cheaper and reliable.
  22. Don’t pay for channels you don’t watch – get rid of the channels you don’t watch and save money.
  23. Get tires from wholesale clubs – wholesale clubs sell tires at a cheaper rate.
  24. Make sure your tires are always well inflated – this will help you save money on gas and keep the engine running for longer.
  25. Reduce alcohol consumption – alcohol consumption is not healthy and can be very expensive. Reduce it!
  26. Stop smoking! – smoking is very dangerous to health and also affects your budget. Stop doing it!
  27. Use free software – there are free, open source software everywhere and you should use these instead to save money.
  28. Use energy efficient appliances – look for appliances that come with energy saving rating. These will help you be nicer to your environment as well as reduce your electricity bill.
  29. Get extra insulation if you need – extra insulation lasts long and helps you save money.
  30. Use flexible spending accounts – flexible spending accounts allow you to pay many bills using pre tax money which helps you save lots of money.
  31. Refinance your mortgage – refinancing your mortgage can reduce the interest rates by 1 per cent and even more.
  32. Buy car online – if you are planning to purchase a car, look for it online. The internet is a great source of all types of information and items so you can search and find the best price for a particular model.